What was Jesus’ first point in his first sermon? To proclaim good news to the poor. Listen to the message today to learn how we as Disciples of Jesus can imitate our Lord Jesus by proclaiming good news to the poor.

This recording is our full church service which includes worship music, a kids class, a Project Honduras video, a HOPE worldwide video, and sermon. All videos were used with permission.

To find out more information about Project Honduras, Contact David Medina at 435-513-1074. They are currently collecting funds to help with the Hurricane Eta relief efforts in San Pedro Sula.

To find out more information about HOPE worldwide go to hopeww.org. We will take up a collection for HOPE worldwide’s International Day of Giving on Nov 22nd.

Worship music was provided by the Salt Lake Christian Church and the Denver Church of Christ. To listen to more music by the Denver Church of Christ, please visit www.soundcloud.com/denverchurchofchrist.