College Students

Are you a college student in Salt Lake City? Come out and join our ministry.

Faith. Family. Fun. Jesus kept it simple and real.

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Family Ministry


We strongly believe that strong families build strong communities.  Our family ministry is focused on helping equip parents to pass on their faith to their children (Deuteronomy 6:4-9) and helping kids to fall in love with Jesus at the different stages in their life.

At our Sunday church services, we have age appropriate classes for the infants, toddlers, elementary age kids, and middle schoolers.  The teens remain in service on Sundays, but have other events on Friday nights.  Our middle schoolers also have monthly events outside of church.

Curious about what we teach?  Have some specific questions?  Feel free to contact us online or call Bryan at 818-674-2561 or Editha at 818-605-6805.

City Ministry

Downtown Salt Lake City

Do you live in the “city”?  The city ministry is as diverse as downtown Salt Lake City.  We are a ministry comprised of college students, young professionals, newly married couples, young families, and empty nesters.  

We have 3 different small groups in the city.  Reach out and connect with us and we will let you know what we have going on.  Feel free to fill out our contact link or call Mike at 803-727-8725 or Melissa at 803-727-2989.

North Ministry

Bountiful and beyond

Do you live north of Salt Lake City?  We have 2 small groups made up of members who live North of Salt Lake City. One group meets in the North Salt Lake, Bountiful, Woods Cross, and Centerville area. The other group meets in the Farmington, Layton, Syracuse and Hill AFB area.

Come join us at church or contact us online and we can put you in touch with the groups who live in your neighborhood.  Feel free to call Tony at 801-403-8333 or Fran at 801-548-7958.

Park City Ministry

Park City & Heber

Do you live in Park City or Heber?  That’s great…we have members there too.  We have a group from our church that lives in and has events in the Park City area.  

Come join us at church or contact us online and we can put you in touch with our members who live in your neighborhood.  Feel free to call David at 435-513-1074 or Patti at 435-513-2696.